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Herrera talked about limiting Azar’s brilliant performance: I am a team, even if he goes to the bathroom, I will follow him.

In 2017, Herrera received a lot of praise for his defense against Azar at Manchester United. When Manchester United won 2-0 in the second leg against Chelsea, Herrera suppressed Azar in that game. at the same time, he also contributed goals and assists, and was finally chosen as the best player of the game. In an official interview with Manchester United, Herrera talked about his dedication.
Herrera said: “at that time, Azar was the best player in the Premier League and his numbers were the best.” Chelsea had a lot of momentum at the time and Mourinho thought I was the one who stopped Azar.
“two days before the game, I said,’I will do my best, even if Azar goes to the bathroom, I will follow him.’
“it was interesting. I played a defensive role at the time, but I gave an assist and scored a goal. By contrast, Azar didn’t perform much, so it was interesting.
“I am a very team player and I am always ready to help the team. Mourinho asked me to do it and I did it. If I have to do the same for Bilbao tomorrow, I will do it again.
“I want to retire with the feeling that everything I do is to help my team, coach and teammates.”