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I have been in China for 8 years, Luo Guofu, so I no longer have the idea of making a lot of money

January 6 According to the report of the Brazilian media "Lance", in an interview with the "Fala Craque" program,
Luo Guofu revealed that he no longer has the idea of making a lot of money.

Before signing with Mineiro America in March last year, Luo Guofu also received invitations from other Brazilian clubs. He revealed: "When I signed with Mineiro America, I almost went to Gremio. There are other clubs too.
Invitations were sent, like Palmeiras, but I didn’t want to go to Palmeiras. I spent eight years in China, so I knew right away how to choose, because I wanted to join a team that would get the chance to play.
The team. I no longer have the idea of making a lot of money, but want to live with peace of mind."

After joining Mineiro America, Luo Guofu played 28 times on behalf of the team, scored 4 goals and had 2 assists.