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If Guangzhou City wins Shenzhen in this round, the Guangzhou team of the “eight Champions” will not escape the bad luck of relegation.

At 15:00 today, the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, the penultimate round of the season, started at the same time. Four teams abstained and were judged 0-3. Guangzhou team with eight championships may face relegation.
Hebei team has been relegated ahead of schedule, and the remaining two relegation places will be produced in Wuhan Yangtze River, Guangzhou team and Guangzhou City.
If the Guangzhou team continues to avoid relegation, it will not only win the game, but also hope that Guangzhou City will not win. If Guangzhou City gets all three points in this round, then the Guangzhou team will be relegated ahead of schedule.
Wuhan Yangtze River, if the team loses in the afternoon and Guangzhou City wins, Wuhan Yangtze River will also be relegated ahead of schedule.
According to the rules of the Chinese Super League, the final ranking is calculated according to points and mutual achievements. In terms of mutual record, Guangzhou team has 1 draw and 1 loss against Guangzhou City this season, and two defeats against Wuhan Yangtze River; Wuhan Yangtze River has two wins against Guangzhou City.
The 33rd round of Chinese Super League:
Chengdu Chengdu vs Wuhan Changjiang River
Guangzhou vs Changchun Yatai
Shenzhen vs Guangzhou City
The 34th round of the Chinese Super League (the last round):
Meizhou Hakka vs Guangzhou
Guangzhou City vs Cangzhou Lion
Zhejiang vs Wuhan Yangtze River