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It has always been my dream for Wu Shaocong to post a post to go to a European giant, and now I have a new opportunity for growth

January 10 News Official news, Wu Shaocong officially joined the Turkish Super League Istanbul Club and started his second study abroad.
Wu Shaocong posted a farewell to the Guangzhou team on his personal Weibo. He thanked Xu Jiayin, Cannavaro, Zheng Zhi, Liu Zhiyu and others for their help.

The content of Wu Shaocong’s farewell is as follows

I would like to thank the club for training me over a long period of time, Chairman Xu Jiayin, head coach Cannavaro, head coach Zheng Zhi, head coach Liu Zhiyu and other members of the coaching staff, as well as the staff and teammates who have fought side by side for their support.
My trust helps me get better.
It has always been my dream to play for a giant European team. Now that I have a new opportunity to grow, I will continue to grow in the new team and show my strength.
At the same time, I would like to thank the Chinese Football Association for giving such a platform and opportunity.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye, I hope the team will get better and better in the new season, and I will always be a fan of the Guangzhou team, love you Wu.