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It was indeed a handball, but Murphy’s arm was not in an unnatural position

January 4 In the just-concluded Premier League match, Arsenal drew 0-0 at home
Former Arsenal player Matthew Upson (Matthew Upson) commented on the game as a guest of the BBC, and said that Newcastle’s handball in the end was not a penalty.

"There’s no doubt the ball hit the arm, but Murphy’s arm wasn’t in an unnatural position or too far away from his body to try to block the ball," Upson said.

"As a fan you come to the stadium and you see Arsenal and Newcastle playing at this level and you think ‘well worth the money’. There were no goals and from a spectator’s point of view, you
It might feel like a boring game, but it wasn’t. Both teams gave everything, they were tired, but there were few major mistakes on the pitch, a very high level game."