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Italian media analyzed the prospect of Rabiot and the possibility of renewing the contract with Juventus is only 25%Manchester United Blues Newcastle are interested

January 1 wrote an article analyzing Rabiot’s staying in the team
Possibility, the article analyzes the salary issue, the interest of foreign teams, and the mother and agent Veronique, and finally concludes that the possibility of Rabiot renewing his contract is only 25%.

salary issue

In addition to providing a good team plan and prospects, Juventus must meet his salary requirements if they want to renew Rabiot.
Rabiot wants a large bonus and signing fee, and hopes to get an annual salary of about 10 million euros.
In terms of the number of years, Rabiot hopes to sign a contract of at least 3 years.

foreign team interest

Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle and other Premier League teams are all very interested in Rabiot, and the competition is fierce. At the same time, the existence of Paris Saint-Germain cannot be underestimated, and they can always provide very lucrative contracts.

mother and agent veronique

Dealing with Veronique is not easy, she will try to maximize her interests and get a big contract for her son.

Comprehensive Evaluation

There is a 75% chance of Rabiot leaving Serie A to play abroad and only a 25% chance of staying at Juventus.

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