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Italian media: Inter Milan are going to meet with their agents in January to discuss a new contract with Chiahan Orou until 2026.

December 26-according to the Internazionale News Network, Inter are preparing to meet with their agents in January to discuss the renewal of their contract with Chiahan Olou.
It is reported that Chiahanolu has performed well since joining Inter, and he has played an important role in Brozovic’s absence this season, and his performance has also been recognized by Inter executives and Pippo Inzaghi. Although Chiahanolu’s contract with Inter does not expire until 2024 and contains an one-year renewal clause, Inter still hope to renew his contract with Chiahan Olu until 2026.
Inter are expected to discuss the matter with Chiahanolu’s agent Stipic in Milan in January, but the exact time has not yet been set given the tight schedule. At present, all parties are calm, Chiahanolu hopes to play for Inter for a long time, Inter also hope to be able to do so.
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