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Italian media: Manchester United is interested in Paris, Naples will meet with his agent to discuss the renewal of the contract.

December 28-according to the market network reported that Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are interested in the introduction of Jin Zai, Naples will meet with their agents in the near future to discuss contract renewal.
It is reported that Kim’s excellent performance this season has attracted the attention of many big clubs, Paris Saint-Germain has been in contact with his agent team, Manchester United and other Premiership teams are also interested in him. It is reported that Manchester United are ready to launch an offensive against Napoli.
Napoli beat competition from Juventus, Inter and other Serie A teams to sign Coco Kim from Fenerbahce this summer because both Juve and Inter were looking for Bremer, and Napoli have always regarded Jin Lianzai as their first choice. In addition, the problem of non-European places has also slowed the pace of Juve’s signings.
Naples is expected to contact Kim Coco-Zai’s agent team again about the contract renewal in the next few days. Naples hopes to cancel the 50 million euros clause in the contract that is beneficial to foreign teams, or increase the amount of liquidated damages in the clause.
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