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Japanese media selected 11 Asian players who performed poorly in the World Cup: Akita and Kubo Jianying.

Recently, the Japanese media “Football Channel” took an inventory of Asian players with poor performance in various positions of the World Cup in Qatar, including Kamada, Kubo Jianying and Huang Yisu.
The following are the details:
Goalkeeper: Xie Bu (32 years old, Qatar, now plays for Qatar THAAD Club)
Defenders: Atkinson (23, Australia, now plays for Soviet Super Hartz), Hussein Kanani (28, Iran, now plays for Doha), Hu he (32, Qatar, now plays for Qatar THAAD Club), Ahmed (23, Qatar, now plays for Algarafa)
Midfield: Marchi (28, Saudi Arabia, now in Riyadh Crescent), Kamada (26, Japan, now in Frankfurt), Jung Youying (23, South Korea, now in Freiburg)
Strikers: Haidos (32, Qatar, now plays for Qatar THAAD Club), Huang Yizhu (30, South Korea, now plays for Olympiakos), Kubo Jianying (21, Japan, now works for Royal Society)