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Jin Yingquan talks about scoring against Portugal: accidentally getting assists from world-class players

December 14-in an interview with South Korean media Central Daily, Kim Yingquan reviewed the goal against Portugal in the World Cup.
In the group stage against Portugal, South Korea scored a corner kick on Ronaldo’s back and landed in front of the goal, which allowed Kim Young-kwon to equalize the score. In the World Cup in Russia four years ago, when South Korea played against Germany in stoppage time, Kim Yong-kwon scored a goal in front of the goal because the corner shot popped up on Tony Cross’s feet.
Speaking of “scoring a goal in the World Cup after receiving a pass from Cristiano Cross and Cristiano Ronaldo”, Jin Yingquan smiled and said: “accidentally got assists from world-class players.”
Kim Yingquan went on to say: “whenever Korean football falls into despair, miracles are created.”
Jin Yingquan used to work as a coolie on weekends in his senior year because of his father’s failure, and his daily salary after tax was 63000 won (338 yuan). He used the money to buy football shoes. In response to this, he said: “the strength at that time made me stronger. I didn’t want to see my parents tired. If I couldn’t succeed, I couldn’t take care of my family, so I clenched my teeth and stuck to the road of football.” my family gave me a lot of strength. ”