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Joe Cole If I were Bellingham, I would choose to return to the Premier League and join Manchester City

January 1 News Recently, Joe Cole and commentator Janus discussed Bellingham’s
In the future, they expressed their views respectively.

Janus said: "If I were Bellingham, I would choose to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona. I would go to Real Madrid because they are a top club and have everything you want. You will be a member of a European dynasty club.

"You want to leave a footprint there, they’re building a whole new system, Joan Armeni, Camavinga, Valverde, I want to be part of a team with these young players, they’ll be together
many years."

Regarding the future of Bellingham, Joe Cole said: "Madrid is Madrid. They have won 5 of the past 13 Champions Leagues. Although they are very good, they cannot continue to be like this."

"For Bellingham, the temptation to go home will be greater, we are anxious to know the result every week, a bit like Haaland at the time, he is one of the best."

Janus asks Joe Cole: "Will Bellingham go to Real Madrid?"

Joe Cole: Said: "I don’t know anything, but I think he’s going to be great in world football, he can go anywhere he wants, Real Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, anyone who can afford it and wants him
place because he was so good."

"For me, we’ll be lucky enough to see him at his best, he wants to come back and if I were him I’d choose Manchester City. Imagine him playing with Haaland in a team, it’s unbelievable