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Jos é Lou: Spain lacks finisher strikers and still keeps the jersey Ronaldo gave me.

December 23-according to as, the Spaniard striker and former Real Madrid youth player Jose Lou Mato talked about the upcoming Catalan derby when participating in a TV program. and some topics about the Spanish national team and their youth career at Real Madrid.
In the Flying Parrot, a program featuring the Spaniards’ club, Hoseru donated his jerseys and shoes for fundraising and responded to a number of interesting, sharp or thorny questions. The striker also spoke about the upcoming Catalan derby on December 31: “I hope this (the Spaniard wins in the derby) will happen. This is my wish (at Christmas).” He also believes that the team can go one step further and face greater challenges.
The 32-year-old has scored seven goals in 14 rounds of La Liga this season, putting him on Enrique’s shortlist for the World Cup in Qatar, ahead of Real Betis striker and former Spaniard Iglesias. But in the end, neither Jos é Lou nor Iglesias, two centers, were included in the World Cup squad.
In this regard, Hoseru’s attitude is very clear: “I do not think I will enter the national team, nor did I score 20 goals in 13 rounds.” In the World Cup, many different types of strikers have shown their ability to deal with the fight, and they are also different from the strikers that Spain has. But I have nothing to do but cheer for the national team. ” He also said: “I have shined my boots for a lot of people in my career and it is my dream to join the national team.”
As one of the current captain of the Spaniard, Jos é Lou also joked about the slim possibility of Ronaldo joining the Spaniard: “I need to play. If Cristiano comes, I don’t want to sit on the bench.”… ” However, when Castile played, Jos é Lu did meet Ronaldo and he also had a good impression of Cristiano Ronaldo: “I was young at that time and I thought differently.” Cristiano has taught us youth players a lot. He is very kind and will help us. I remember that in my debut (Real Madrid first team), I scored a goal and he offered to give me his jersey. I left that dress at home and never washed it. That dress doesn’t smell any more now. It is these details that make him great. ”
In addition, Jos é Lou also talked about his family. His youth friend Carvajal, who is now his brother-in-law, and whose wife is twin sisters, said he and Carvajal “talk almost every day”. He also admitted that he has a sister who is a Barcelona fan: “she is the black sheep of our family.”
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