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Juve mourn Pele: this is news we never want to see. Your achievements represent football.

On December 30, Juventus mourned the death of King Pele at the age of 82.
Juventus’ official website issued a statement saying: this is news that none of us will ever want to see, but Pele left us forever on December 29.
Pele has a legendary career and has written many wonderful stories. He has won the World Cup three times. His great achievements represent football and exude his charm all over the world.
Pele has had a lot of overlap with Juventus in his career, with Sivori, Altafini and Camby.
Finally, Juve’s official website quoted an interview from Pele in 1987, in which Pele revealed that he could have joined Juve because Juve had courted him. Pele said at the time: “Yes, Juve want to sign me, but Santos doesn’t want to lose me.” Football at that time was different from what it is now, leaving Brazil represented a betrayal. I have always been a Juve fan and I like champions like Boni Pelti and Sivori, but that’s the way it is and there’s no point in regretting it. ”
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