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Kerber: Allais has the ability to grasp space and score goals, that is what we expect from top strikers

January 14th this morning, Dortmund won 6-0 in the warm-up match
In Basel, Allais scored three goals from the bench in his first game after recovering from testicular cancer, and goalkeeper Kerber praised him for playing a very good game.

Kerber: “Allais played a great game. He saw the space where he was a threat and he attacked there. He scored the third goal very lightly with his feet. And that’s you
What you want to see in a top striker.”

Regarding the team’s performance, Kerber believed: “We were a little slow to enter the state at the beginning, but we improved a lot after 30 minutes. The 6-0 result shows a lot of things.”

(breathing wood)