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Kicker: Bayern is still trying to recall Nubel, and Sommer is also the goalkeeper’s number one target

January 4, "Kicker" reported that Bayern has not given up recalling Nubel.

According to reports, as of this morning, Bayern has not given up trying to recall Nubel. Nubel and Sommer are still the primary targets of the team’s goalkeeper signings. The club is still trying to reach an agreement with Monaco, and negotiations are ongoing.

However, communication with Monaco is very difficult. Monaco sports director Paul Mitchell has been ill recently and it is difficult to contact. In addition, no matter what decision the Monaco executives make, they have to communicate with investors. It all depends on the wishes of Monaco and Bayern
willing to pay the price.

If Bayern can reach an agreement with Monaco, any differences between the club and Nubel will be resolved in subsequent negotiations.

At the same time, Bayern are also trying to sign Sommer. He meets Bayern’s requirements, has excellent skills at his feet, can speak German and understands the Bundesliga.
But despite the urgency of the situation, the club will not necessarily sign a new goalkeeper before this Friday.

(Goblin Slayer)