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Klop: the team did well tonight but not enough to beat Manchester City. There are some areas that need to be maintained.

December 23-after Manchester City beat Liverpool 3-2 in the Carling Cup, Liverpool boss Jean-Claude Klop was interviewed by Sky Sports.
He said: “We have used a formation that has not been used for a long time today and have to make a big change.” As you can see, we need time to adapt. ”
“We had a lot of trouble in the first 15 minutes of the game, which hit our confidence and belief a little bit.”
“the ball we conceded could have been avoided. We played well today, we could have scored more goals, but now this is the result we have to accept. ”
“it is normal for both teams to play a high-intensity game. We played a good game tonight, but it wasn’t enough to beat Manchester City. It says something, but not all, that’s the way it is. ”
“We have a lot to keep tonight and we can take it to the next game and that’s what we need to do.”
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