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L’Equipe: Ashraf and Mbappe will have a 10-day rest, and they are expected to return to Ligue 1 on the 16th

January 2 News from the French media "L’Equipe", after the World Cup ended quickly
Mbappe and Ashraf, who returned to the club to prepare for the game, will have a rest time.
Paris coach Galti said: "Mbappe and Ashraf will rest for a few days and will recover." The team newspaper said that the two will miss the French Cup game against Chateau, and may miss January.
The Ligue 1 against Angers on the 12th, and then return in the league against Rennes on January 16.
The two are expected to enjoy a 10-day holiday, and "Team Daily" stated that Mbappe may use this time to travel to the United States.
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