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L’Equipe: Mandanda has decided to retire from the French team and has been the leader of the team after nearly 15 years of service

January 14 According to a report by L’Equipe, the 37-year-old French goalkeeper Mandanda has passed away.
Decided to retire from the national team.

Mandanda has been playing for the French team since May 2008. Now, after Lori withdrew from the national team, Mandanda also decided to quit the national team.

So far in his career, Mandanda has played a total of 35 times for France. Although it is much less than Lloris who played 145 times, he has always been a permanent member of the French team and one of the leaders of the locker room. He has won the trust of the coaching staff and the players.

He also participated in the Qatar World Cup and played a very important role in the dressing room. He has a close relationship with the players and is also a rare helper for Deschamps.

During his career, Mandanda participated in two World Cup matches, 0-0 Denmark in 2018 and 0-1 Tunisia in 2022.

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