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Li Jinyu: Chengdu left me a lot of good memories to enjoy tomorrow’s crazy away game.

At 15:00 on Tuesday, Wuhan Changjiang will take on Chengdu Chengdu in the 33rd round of the 2022 Chinese Super League. At 13:40 on December 26th, head coach Li Jinyu of the Yangtze River team and team member Chen Yuhao attended the pre-match press conference.
Coach Li Jinyu: “first of all, I am very happy to play in Chengdu. The ball market in this city is the best I have ever experienced in my career, leaving a lot of good memories.”
“for tomorrow’s match against Chengdu, we will try our best to do a good job of ourselves. There are many variables in the final stage of the league. We need to do a good job from ourselves and provide a wonderful game for the fans. For our players, it is to enjoy tomorrow’s crazy away game and wish us good results. ”
Player Chen Yuhao: “after the last game, the team is mainly to adjust and recover, for tough opponents, we will also go all out to prepare for the game, hoping to have a good result tomorrow.”