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Li Weifeng: when I first took over, no one believed that Guangzhou City could avoid relegation. Thank the club for its trust.

On December 27, the 32th round of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou City 3-0 victory over Shenzhen Football Club, relegation success in advance. After the match, Guangzhou City coach Li Weifeng attended the press conference.
After the game, Li Weifeng even said that “it is not easy” and thanked everyone on the team for their silent dedication and dedication. “in the world of football, we will not sympathize with anyone and no one will listen to you say anything. We should dare to face it, carry the problems and play the stage with the responsibility.
Li Weifeng also said that when he first took over the team, no one believed that the Guangzhou city team, which had only three points, could avoid relegation, but the club and Guangzhou SASAC recognized and trusted him very much. “they chose me and trusted me at such a difficult time. I would also like to thank every member of our team for their understanding, support and trust in me.”