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Lisandro: thousands of Argentines are standing behind you. You can even risk your life for them.

December 23-Argentine centre-back Lisandro Martinez returned to his hometown of Gualeguai, during which he shared his feelings and experiences in the World Cup in front of his folks.
“I am very excited and it is my greatest pleasure to see these children. From this place, football has been with me in life, I am full of good memories. I am very happy to be back here, back to my home, as the last stop of the celebration. ”
“this is my first World Cup. I have been very focused from the beginning and my goal is to be a champion. We talked about the defeat, and the good thing is that we remain humble and accept it. And then after that lesson, we became stronger. When you see the jersey, the badge on your chest and thousands of Argentines standing behind you, you can even risk your life for them. ”
“for us, to make every Argentine smile is equal to double happiness, that is the highest honor. Hopefully this will unite everyone and put an end to all violence and bad things. Let’s hug each other more and enjoy this dream moment. ”
(Qi Zi Cake)