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Malaysia talks about being on the bench: he made a mistake after playing badly against Manchester City, and the coach needs to make a choice.

December 29-in an interview, Malaysia talked about his transition from Manchester United to a substitute at the start of the season, saying he didn’t play well against Manchester City.
Malaysia said: “I didn’t play well against Manchester City and then made a mistake in the next game. The coach had to make a choice. I needed to make sure I was in good training. I did it and Teng Hach told me that.” I’m glad I can stand there again. I know myself. I know that things didn’t go well for a while. I have to start with the basics. Everything is fine now. ”
He added: “I want to make sure I play well. I started against Burnley, which is good and I want to continue.” I got off to a good start here and then my form slipped, but I know myself and I’m getting my form back. ”
Speaking about not playing for the Netherlands in the World Cup, Malaysia said: “you support the team as much as you can, but it’s absolutely difficult. I want to play every game, so it must be difficult when you can’t play there.” I feel tired for a while, but you always have to recover, you never know if you will play, so you always have to be ready. ”