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Marca: if Xavi still doesn’t consider Deppe when Levan is suspended, the player may leave the team in the winter window.

December 19-according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, with the end of the World Cup, Dutch striker Deppe has returned to Barcelona, he is facing the choice of the future.
Lewandowski’s suspension of three games is a problem for Xavi. Deppe, who had no chance to play in the first half of the season, returned to Barcelona’s training last Thursday.
However, Xavi also has other options, such as Fatti and Phelan, and the attitude of Xavi towards Deppe in these three games can also show Barcelona how to deal with the future of the players.
If Xavi still does not consider Deppe, Barcelona will consider selling it through the winter window, which can help Barcelona reduce their total salary.
Sevilla and Galatasaray are interested in Barcelona’s contract with Deppe, which expires next summer, and if Xavi doesn’t need Deppe, the players will have to think about sitting on the bench until the contract expires or leaves the winter window.