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Marca: Real Madrid thinks they have done everything they can to introduce Bellingham

January 15, according to “Marca” news, Real Madrid believes that the club has done everything in order to sign Bellingham
Lingham was ready for everything.

Real Madrid have shown respect to Bellingham’s club, they have informed Dortmund of their future actions and hope to establish a good relationship with Dortmund.
Bellingham also knows how far Real Madrid can go, and has accepted the opinions of the club’s top management, but this does not mean that Bellingham has reached an agreement with Real Madrid on the transfer, even if he knows the salary and contract that Real Madrid can provide.
the term.
The England international also knows what it means to join Real Madrid and wear a Real Madrid shirt.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are also interested in Bellingham, and Real Madrid also know that they may not be able to offer a better contract than Paris Saint-Germain.
Although Paris Saint-Germain lost 359 million euros, they can still provide lucrative contracts.
But Real Madrid also believes that the club also has its own advantages, otherwise Joan Ameni, Camavinga and Enderik would not choose to join the team.

At the same time, Dortmund chairman Watzke wants to know Bellingham’s final decision on his future before negotiating with other clubs. The club’s top management must first inform Dortmund’s board of directors.
Serve as Chairman of the Board.
After obtaining approval, Dortmund will negotiate with other clubs.
It should be noted that Bellingham’s contract does not include a termination clause, so Dortmund asked for an offer of 120 million euros, while Real Madrid offered an offer of 100 million euros plus additional terms.
At the same time, Real Madrid knew that other clubs would lure Bellingham with offers well above his worth.