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Media person: Taishan team benefited from the epidemic twice, and the three towns of Wuhan immediately felt that they were being set up.

December 27-in the early hours of yesterday morning, the three towns of Wuhan officially announced that they would fight against the “dark forces” in the Football Association. According to media person Miao Yuan, this complete break-up of the three towns in Wuhan is not as simple as a ticket and a game.
1. Dissatisfaction with Malcolm’s sudden suspension
Before the release of the high-energy official statement, there was a feeling among the clubs in the three towns of Wuhan that the closer they were to the miracle of winning the championship, the more unusual the team felt and the pressure. Take Malkang’s suspension as an example. Malcolm kicked the arch of the stadium after the match. After the players calmed down, the club formally apologized to the Chinese Football Association and was willing to bear the liability for compensation. The overall attitude was relatively good.
The Football Association suddenly announced his suspension three days after the end of the game and the day before the next round. If Tianjin abstained in the last round, it would be the end of Malcolm’s entire season ahead of schedule. When the team is expected to win the championship and the player’s golden boots are in sight, the sudden penalty makes it difficult for them to accept and understand.
As for why Malkang kicked the door, the three towns of Wuhan thought it was related to what happened to him in the match with Chengdu. Malkang’s free kick in the final stage of the game was suspected to be blocked by defenders, but referee Shi Zhenlu did not show and did not see VAR, which can be said to be the direct fuse of Malcolm’s emotional outbreak. After the game, the three towns of Wuhan appealed to the Chinese Football Association, and the result of the evaluation team of the referee department of the Chinese Football Association was that Shi Zhenlu was correct and VAR was not involved, but it gave unconvincing reasons that “three members of the panel thought that the arm did not touch the ball, and the other three people thought that there was no video with a better angle to prove that the defensive player’s arm touched the ball.”
2. Mount Tai was unable to participate in the match against Shenzhen on time, but the match was postponed.
The three towns of Wuhan also have doubts about the implementation of the relevant rules of “team abstention” in the final stage of the league. Before the 29th round of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Taishan, the championship rival of the three towns, was unable to compete on time because of tight contact problems. Shandong team was not awarded a 3-0 defeat in this match, because the two sides reached a consensus through negotiation with the Chinese Football Association, and the match was postponed. Two weeks later, the Shenzhen team suffered a large-scale injury, and the team considered abstaining and asked the Chinese Football Association, but in the end, the proposal of Shenzhen Football team was not accepted. Shandong beat Shenzhen Football team 8-0 in the make-up match, winning 3 points and 8 goals. This also makes the three towns feel calculated.
The three towns have questioned this. This season, many teams in the Chinese Professional League were sentenced to a 0-3 defeat because they could not participate as scheduled, and it is extremely rare to make an exception to postpone the match. Shandong 8-0 Shenzhen Football is the only game rescheduled and successfully rescheduled in the Chinese Super League. The current round of Shandong and Meizhou Hakka match because the strength of Meizhou abstained, in the eyes of the three towns to see the Shandong team 3-0 benefit again, which make them feel that the Football Association is biased in the implementation of the rules, resulting in their own losses.