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Merson: Odegaard is O’Sullivan in the football world, and no one except De Bruyne in the Premier League has his vision

January 1 In the game that ended early this morning, , Assen
Nana beat Brighton 4-2 away.
Arsenal star Merson talked about Odegaard who performed well.
Speaking on Sky Sports, Merson said: "When you talk about players with vision, Odegaard knows what he’s going to do before the ball comes. Martinelli knows what he’s going to do, so he starts, he goes all out.
To the ball. Erdegaard is the O’Sullivan of football. He is watching how the ball goes into the net. Erdegaard is like this. Many people did not see this pass. Maybe he is the only one on the field
People who see this passing line, De Bruyne can see it, Odegaard can see it, I don’t think there are other players in the Premier League who can see it so broadly.” “Arsenal’s game is very good. Ranking at the top of the league is not
Luckily, we’re not sitting here scratching our heads. You’ll have to see the only team that can keep up with Arsenal, Man City, who lost at home to Brentford and drew with an in-form Everton,
City are not in good shape. There are some games that City should have won and then you talk about the expected goals and then I look at the game and in those two games you were going to win and you lost five points here.
I don’t think there’s a team that can stop Arsenal at the moment." (Justin)