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Merson: The number of goals conceded by Tottenham surprises me that Arsenal are currently unable to compete with Manchester City

January 15, before the Manchester Derby, Paul Merson in his column
Talked about Arsenal, Tottenham.

——The number of goals conceded by Tottenham surprised me

“I think Tottenham’s win over Crystal Palace is a good result for Arsenal because in my opinion the win is just closing the gap. Had Kane played for Crystal Palace they would have won easily, Tottenham on
It was a bad half-time performance. If they lost the game, it would be the same as if they had lost the game at half-time and everyone would say on Sunday: ‘Oh, Arsenal are going to beat Tottenham again’
‘It would have put more pressure on Arsenal, but that doesn’t happen in big derbies. It’s never been easy for either side. Now, though, Arsenal can play in the next round.
Four points from two games against Tottenham and Manchester United, and no matter what they do, as long as they achieve their goals, it will be seen as a very good return.

“When I look at Tottenham, the biggest problem I see is that they have no change in midfield. The best three players in their team are the three strikers, but no one gives them the ball. And most importantly, Tottenham
The wing-backs are far from good enough, and wing-backs of this level cannot function in Conte’s system. If you look at Chelsea, the main reason for their success in recent years is that they have very good wing-backs.
Wing-backs. If you’re going to play with a back three, you have to have very good wing-backs, but Tottenham’s wing-backs are not good enough, and their forwards don’t get enough of the ball. If you look at their stats, you will
Found out that Spurs defenders have twice as many touches per game as Kane. Kane is the best player in the Spurs team, but how is this going? They use a back three two holding midfielders
Paired, but they are conceded twice every game, which surprises me because it’s almost impossible.

“Newcastle United played Arsenal a few days ago. To be honest, Arsenal are still in good shape, but they didn’t score any goals. This shows how good Newcastle’s defense is. Tottenham’s formation is
Same, but why didn’t they have this defensive performance?

“If they play three at the back and three in midfield, then I can understand that. You think: ‘Okay, I get it, they’re a bit loose in midfield.’ But they’re an attacking team, they’re scoring goals.
Conceded the ball, but was also scored.

“But it also makes sense for them to play like this, two midfielders three defenders, which has allowed them to score a lot of goals. But I can’t explain how difficult it is for them to do. Before playing Crystal Palace, they were defeated in at least 10 games.
To score two goals, I think it’s special.”

-Arsenal can’t compete with Manchester City at present

“Arsenal’s performance was amazing. But they’re a long way from being title contenders in my opinion. Just look at the game against Newcastle, when they needed to change the score, they didn’t
Know who to bring in. There is no one on the bench but Fabio Vieira, but Arteta doesn’t seem to trust the player who cost £34m.

“Then two days into this game it looked like City might draw with Chelsea but they only played Grealish and Riyad Mahrez and those two finished with just one cross and one goal.

“It shows the quality of Pep Guardiola’s team, I just don’t see how Arsenal can compete with Manchester City with 60-plus points left. Arsenal have to get those two games against Tottenham and Manchester United.
4 points to have a chance to win the title. Otherwise, I don’t see how Arsenal can win the title.

“I think we’ll see more teams follow Newcastle’s style of play because Arsenal have given their opponents chances with that style of play. They’re a good team.

“Every team that played against Chelsea did that, except Man City, and it’s the same situation that Arsenal are facing now.”

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