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Milan: Inter will give Thuram Jr. five years & 5 million euro annual salary contract, need to beware of Newcastle competition

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter are ready to offer Marcus Thuram a five-year contract with an annual salary of 5 million euros. However, Inter need to beware of Newcastle and other teams’ interest in Thuram.
It is reported that Inter have been keeping an eye on Thuram for a long time. Last summer, Inter considered introducing Thuram as a replacement for Lukaku, but at that time, Thuram was suddenly seriously injured and Inter’s signings were suspended and Joaquin Correa was later signed. Although young Thuram later changed the agency, but Inter’s previous inspection of young Thuram is still effective, they have also been in active contact with young Thuram during this period.
Inter are still looking to bring in Thuram Jr. and have taken action. During the World Cup, Inter and Thuram’s agent team met, after this meeting, the two sides have basically reached an agreement on the team’s plans, future development and other issues.
Now the two sides plan to meet again in January to discuss the details of the contract, while Inter are ready to offer Thuram Jr. a five-year contract with an annual salary of 5 million euros. The premise is that Inter can sign Thuram next summer without a visa.
However, Inter are not the only team interested in Thuram. In addition to Bayern, Newcastle are also interested in Thuram, and next summer, Newcastle will be able to make a bigger offer than Inter. And their financial resources also allow them to pay 10 million euros in the winter window to sign Thuram ahead of time.
Therefore, for Inter, the competition for young Thuram is very fierce, while for young Thuram himself, joining Inter seems to be more interesting to him. Born in Parma, Italy, and raised in Turin, Thuram is interested in playing in Serie A. for him, going to Serie An is more attractive than going to the Premier League. And he does not want to join Bayern at this stage, and then become a “meteor”, he hopes to become an important player in his new club.
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