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Miner CEO: is in talks with Arsenal about the transfer of Mudrick, but has not yet received a satisfactory offer

Shakhtar Donetsk miner CEO Parkin spoke to the media about Arsenal’s interest in bringing in 21-year-old winger Mudrick, saying that the miners are in talks with Arsenal but have not yet received a satisfactory offer.
According to previous media reports, Arsenal offered Mudrick for 60 million euros, but was rejected by Shakhtar Donetsk miners.
Parkin said: “now, in about five minutes, I will have a new phone conversation with Arsenal to discuss the transfer deal for Mudrick.”
“negotiations on Mudrick are under way. We received the offer, but it was not what we wanted. ”
“I will discuss the matter with Arsenal again and we are willing to discuss the player’s transfer fee and proposal. If we agree, that’s it. If we can’t reach an agreement, we’ll talk about it another day. ”