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Montolivo: Shik has decided on his future, Inter Milan should not delay the contract renewal until now

January 15 News The recent issue of Shik’s contract renewal with Inter Milan has been received by the media
According to the latest reports, Shik once again postponed the time to give a final answer, and Inter Milan may no longer be so optimistic about completing the contract renewal with Shik.
In the DAZN studio, Montolivo talked about related topics.

Montolivo said: “A player like Skriniar must have considered his future. He has a blueprint in his mind for future development. He may be able to give an answer earlier. In my opinion, he has
determine your own future.”

“The mistake Inter Milan made with Skriniar’s contract renewal is that they should not have postponed the contract until now. Now Inter’s priority should be to complete the contract with Bastoni and Charhanoglu as soon as possible.

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