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Mori Baoichi talks about contract renewal: he is the happiest to coach the Japanese team and will continue to attack the uncompeted target.

December 28-Today, the Japanese Football Association officially announced that it had reached an agreement with Mori Baoichi to renew his contract and that he would remain coach of the Japanese national team. It is reported that Mori Boichi signed a “2-2” contract, if executed, he will become the first coach in the history of the Japanese team for eight consecutive years.
At the press meeting after the renewal of his contract, Mori Baoyi was interviewed and talked about his feelings about staying as coach of the Japanese team: “now I feel very honored, but at the same time I also feel a great responsibility, and I can personally experience the difficulty of hitting the target.” We failed to achieve our goals at the World Cup in Qatar and came back with regret, but coaching the Japanese national team is the happiest job for me and allows me to make Japanese fans feel happy and proud by challenging the world’s strong teams. ”
“in the next World Cup, I will lead the team to continue to attack unattainable goals, and we will fight with this awareness in every game. Thanks to the people who have always supported us, we will fight with the pride of the Japanese. However, we have to realize that the next difficulty may increase sharply, so we have to make full use of our previous experience, and at the same time, in order to continuously accumulate in the next World Cup and adapt to the changes of the times, we should constantly challenge the strong with courage to realize the value of the players themselves on the field, prove the value of Japanese football, and show the beauty of sports. ”
“the road ahead will certainly be more difficult, but there is nothing that cannot be overcome if we can cite the popularity of Japanese football, the youth training system, leagues, football families, fans and the Japanese people. Let’s continue to challenge with the belief that Japanese football is impossible. ”