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Morocco coach: there are only 4 million people in Croatia, but Modric is the real winner.

December 16-Morocco is about to usher in the third or fourth place final with Croatia. Before the match, Moroccan coach Legraji attended the press conference.
This game
This is a very important game for us, after the disappointment in the semi-final, we will continue to play and will try our best to win the bronze medal, but now we are physically and mentally exhausted, we played against Croatia in the group stage, we have to keep a clear head in this game, the third and fourth are different, and now we are thinking about how to arrange the starting 11. We can be proud of our performance against France and now we are focused on winning third place as if we were realizing our dream.
What’s the difference between playing Croatia in the group stage?
We know that we will be one of the best teams in this tournament, and many people think that Croatia with continuity and strength is the same. It will be a very different game. Croatia is the favourite to win the title before the first match. At the end of all the games, we won respect. We also respect Modric and his ambition to end his national team career with medals and we will adopt our strategy.
How to motivate contestants?
I don’t need to motivate them, they know this game is important and we will do everything we can. Croatia will know that Morocco deserves respect and we will fight to the last breath for the third.
Protest against the semi-final penalty?
Will we be punished, or will we do anything else? I don’t know yet. I know the French will complain about the match against Tunisia. Fighting is as fair as love. I know we haven’t been punished yet and it’s not crazy to dream that we want to improve our FIFA rankings and win the first place in the next World Cup.
The injured of the team and the platoon against Croatia
We lost captain Seth and we have several other injured, such as Mazrawi. They all want to play, but we won’t put injured players at risk, especially Seth. Even so, I trust my team.
Which players will start?
It depends on the injuries of the team. I know the players are not 100% healthy, but we will try to build a good team and it is not good to change too many players. We hurt three against France and Seth was injured at the beginning, but he had to keep playing. If I could change anything, maybe I wouldn’t take that big risk.
On Croatia
I have great respect for Croatia, which has a population of only 4 million, but has great energy and spiritual strength. We will try to do the same thing. We have ten times the population of them. The Croats have a very good mentality, there are only 4 million of them, but their players play for the best clubs in the world. We will see if we can make any progress compared to the first game. Modric played well in the first game, his performance was iconic and Modric was a real winner.
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