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Muciala has never regretted his decision to play for the German team. It can be said that Müller is my mentor

January 4th, in an interview with "Sports Bild", Bayern attacker Musiala
He introduced some photos of himself, and he also talked about his childhood and current experiences.

About childhood experiences

Musiala: "At my hometown club TSV Lehnerz, I took my first steps on the pitch. Soon I was having fun and everything went well: at the age of 6, I scored goals in one season
More than 100 goals, that is still a record today. The picture is my coach Micha Hoffman presenting me with my first Golden Boot. I still have it in my trophy cabinet.
I hope to win more trophies."

About the photo taken with the German team bus when I was a child

Musiala: "Sport Bild showed me this photo during the World Cup and I was surprised because I didn’t even know it existed. My mum loves taking pictures, I was 8 years old in Stuttgart,
I saw the German team bus and of course I immediately wanted to take a photo with it."

"It’s an unbelievable feeling now that I’m wearing the national team jersey myself, and even though we have bigger plans for the World Cup, things didn’t go well, and now I’m more motivated, I believe.
We’re going to be very strong in the years to come."

About participating in the British Schools Championship final

Musiala: "It was the final at Wembley at my school there, we were in the final of the British Schools Championship. We won two out of three finals when I was there.
I’ve been voted man of the match in every final – it’s a great honor and a great feeling to be at Wembley."

About the picture with Bellingham

Musiala: "This was when I played with Bellingham in the England U15s. Now we’re both at the World Cup, he’s for England, I’m for Germany, he’s gone further than me, but I’ve never
Regret the decision to play for Germany. This picture was taken in 2017, when we played Holland at St George’s."

"I scored a hat-trick in 25 minutes, we won 3-1 and my friend Bellingham provided the assist for my first goal. It was a special game for me, I
Still have my game ball from my hat-trick."

About Thomas Müller

Musiala: "At Bayern, Thomas Muller has always been a person I respect. It can be said that he is my mentor. I got my first chance to play in the Bundesliga on the 33rd matchday of the 2019-20 season.
I came off the bench for Thomas Müller and it was an incredible story. The fact that we are now playing together for Bayern and the national team makes me incredibly proud."

On World Cup confrontation with Garvey and Pedri

Musiala: "It was against Spain in the World Cup and I faced Pedri and Gavi – Golden Boy winners of FC Barcelona, and they are two very good players. Sadly, the World Cup is not for us.
It didn’t go well, we were out of the group stage and Spain in the round of 16."

"We tried everything in the game, I had a lot of dribbling and shooting, I still can’t believe I didn’t score, these scenes stayed in my head for a long time. I try to clear my head on the holiday, I have already played against Bayern.
Lots of motivation for the upcoming games. One thing is clear, after the training session, the assistant coach and I did some extra work on shooting!"

(Ma Dongyu)