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Murphy’s Liverpool midfielder is not that bad. Bellingham and Rice are both ideal signings

January 5 News As of the current Premier League standings, Liverpool ranks sixth with 28 points.
Regarding the situation of the Red Army, Murphy talked about his views in an interview.

"I’ve said it before and I don’t mind saying it again because it’s true, and I think sometimes players get into their comfort zone and feel like they’re in a solid position, so they don’t play well," Murphy said.

"Of course you also have some games, like the ones you lost at the beginning of the season, and you lose some confidence in that situation. The combination of those two things is why the team is not playing well. I think there is
A lot of players, they haven’t recovered from missing the Premier League and the Champions League last season."

"Criticism may affect the team’s performance, so I think Liverpool’s midfield is not as bad as everyone thinks. I think it is a team problem. The team’s conceded goals are caused by individual mistakes in the defense."

Regarding the team’s signings, Murphy said: "I think Liverpool need to find a long-term replacement for Henderson first, and then introduce other players. Bellingham is very suitable, and Rice is another.
Very good candidate."

"If you can only get one at the beginning, it will improve the team a lot because Liverpool are good at finding talented players. Bellingham and Rice are very athletic. They are very suitable for Klopp.
tactical system."