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Nagelsmann: I have my own football philosophy and principles, and I will not compromise in general

January 2 News Recently, Bayern coach Nagelsmann accepted UEFA
official interview.
Nagelsmann said: "My brother is 11 years older than me, he is a Bayern fan, and of course he was the first person to talk about Bayern to me at the time – and I have also been a Bayern fan since that day." Normally
, if a sibling is a fan of a certain club, then you will be a fan of that club too.
I always had the goal of playing for Bayern, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.
"Bayern are the biggest club in Germany. Every opportunity in life doesn’t wait for you forever. You don’t get unlimited opportunities to take this kind of job. It’s a big step for me, made first in my heart
"My mind is trying to assess the opportunity objectively but it’s very, very rare that you get the opportunity to manage the biggest club in the country and I’m very happy about it.
My job as a coach is to show my level and as a true fan I also try to give the fans great games.
"As a player, you come in contact with different managers, each coach instills his own philosophy of coaching, you will be influenced by these. But in general, it is important to create your own football philosophy, you have to try to create it.
Own ideas and rules.” Towards the end of my career, I had a lot of injuries, so there was a lot of time to think about how I would do certain things as a coach.
When I became a coach, I worked on my own football philosophy week after week.
"Since my first year as U19 manager, the basic shape of the team has been formed in my mind. My tactical philosophy is mainly to control the game by winning the ball high on the pitch and changing the tempo when in possession."
I have certain principles of my own, so in general I don’t make any compromises.
These principles always apply no matter what the situation is, who the opponent is or what players are playing on the field.
"Of course when you’re dealing with people you have to be flexible in some ways, that’s completely normal. As a coach you have to put yourself in another’s shoes. Some things should always apply, but there are things in life too.
A bit of ‘laissez-faire’ can be allowed. "The players have to understand your philosophy of football at the outset, but you also have to understand the players yourself and I strongly believe that clubs should only hire a coach if the players and the coach share the same philosophy.
"There’s no point in signing a manager who has to completely change his football philosophy. He’ll never be happy and can’t develop his own style. Bayern knew where I stood and signed me because of my football philosophy – so I
able to continue his coaching career." (Sonnytime)