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Nasser responded to Paris City Hall: without PSG, Prince Park would be worthless.

On December 17th, Paris Club President Nasser accepted an exclusive interview with RMC and talked about the topic of Prince Park Stadium. Nasser said bluntly that without PSG, the value of the stadium would be zero.
Before the World Cup, Paris had offered Paris 40 million euros for the ownership of Prince’s Park, but the city department of Paris estimated that the stadium was worth 350 million euros.
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Interviewer: with regard to the Prince Park Stadium, it would be unthinkable if Paris left the stadium.
Nasser: for me, the first choice is to stay at Prince Park, the second option is to stay at Prince Park, and the third option is to stay at Prince Park. But if the mayor of Paris doesn’t want us to stay. Just like you don’t invite me to the show, I can’t participate in it.
We spent more than 80 million on this stadium in Euro 2016. Two or three years ago, there was a problem at Prince Park Stadium, and the roof of the stadium might collapse. for this reason, we sealed off 2000 seats, and safety is the most important thing for us.
We don’t want to invest five or six billion yuan in another stadium, we don’t want to make money from the stadium, we don’t want to be a shopping center. What is the value of Prince Park without Paris Saint-Germain? Zero, I’ll just say it.
When they told me they wanted $350 million (to buy the stadium), I didn’t know what was going on. It’s not my problem. What you want is shopping, building houses, real estate, apartments, but for me, it’s just sports.
How much have we contributed to Paris? How many people came to see Mbappe, Messi and Neymar? How much tax did we pay? We’ve done a lot.
Your relationship with Paris City Hall
Nasser: I respect the mayor of Paris (Anne Hidalgo). I have a good relationship with her, but I hope Paris respects us as well.