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New Spanish coach de la Fuente: I will do something different from Enrique

December 22-Spanish new coach de la Fuente was interviewed, talking about his coaching ideas and other topics, he said: I like players who have the ability to counter-attack quickly, I will do different things with Enrique.
What is your primary goal?
De la Fuente: “whenever we don’t achieve our goals at the end of a big game, we need to reflect, but Enrique’s national team has done a lot of things well. My goal is to consolidate all the positive aspects.” and try to achieve the team’s goals according to my roadmap. I will do something different from Enrique. ”
What changes are you going to make?
De la Fuente: “generally speaking, I agree with the traditional concept and mode of play of the Spanish team, but each coach has his own nuance and unique point of view. I want to emphasize the style of possession and tacit cooperation.” I also attach importance to the team’s ability to quickly complete the transition between attack and defense, and I like players with fast counter-attack ability. ”
Do you think Spain can be a contender for the 2026 World Cup again?
De la Fuente: “I don’t know if I will coach until then (laughter). I have always thought that Spain is the candidate to win all the championships. What worries me is the more immediate challenge.” that is, in the two European Cup qualifiers against Norway and Scotland in the near future, I don’t even think about the Europa League final next June. These two games are very important because this is a new beginning for our national team and we will prepare with great enthusiasm. ”
For you, is it the pinnacle of your career to be the coach of the national team after leading youth teams at all levels?
De la Fuente: “Yes, I think I have reached the highest level that any coach wants to achieve, that is, to be the coach of his national team, but one has to improve, it is not enough to get to this position. You have to have results.” and with these results, let me work in this position for a long time. ”
What’s wrong with Spain in Qatar?
De la Fuente: “Football is very simple. If you don’t get the desired result, the pressure from the fans and the media will hurt the coach.” But I really think Enrique has done a great job and I think Spain has a very solid foundation for the future. ”
Did you talk to Enrique?
De la Fuente: “Yes, we have exchanged information, our relationship is very good, and we will communicate in detail in due course.”
Does Spain have to be based on young players?
De la Fuente: “Yes, the Spanish young players have a lot of ability and talent, they are the guarantee of the future, but at the same time we should also make good use of those experienced players.”