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Official of the German Football Association: the President, Secretary General and head coach of the German Football Association expressed condolences over the death of Pele.

December 30-World football mourns the loss of one of its greatest players. Three-time Brazilian world champion Pele died on Thursday at the age of 82. German Football Association President Neuendorf, German Football Association Secretary General Ulrich and national team coach Frick expressed condolences and admiration for the former outstanding footballer.
German Football Association President Neuendorf: “the news of Pele’s death deeply saddened the German Football Association. Football has lost one of its greatest players.” Pele is far more important than the stadium. He is the idol of generations. He is the only player in football who has won three World Cups. He moved and attracted people all over the world, even those who were not interested in football. Pele makes football look very easy with his elegance, delicacy, speed and skill. He has left a lasting mark on the whole sport of football, and he will always be one of the greatest ambassadors of his sport and his country. His name has become synonymous with the beauty and magic of football and makes the sport so attractive and exciting. ”
German Football Association Secretary General Ulrich: “the death of Pele makes me very sad.” He is surrounded by a special halo that will be felt by those who have no longer seen him play football, as well as a natural warmth. The perfect footballer may not exist, but when I think of who is closest to this ideal image, I immediately think of Pele. Everyone can see how much he loves football, and the football he has shaped over the years is hardly like anyone before or after him. Together with Maradona, he was named “footballer of the 20th Century” by FIFA, and now that they are all dead, world football has become worse. ”
National team coach Frick: “there has never been a better player than Pele. For me, he was and is now the king of football.” His game is close to perfection, he is complete and has no weakness. Pele scores with his feet, he has a header, he has feeling, he has strength, and Pele can do anything. He is not only a shooter, he also shines for his teammates, and his assists and passes are as worthwhile as his goals. Football is his best friend and vice versa. Bailey left a gap that can never be filled. ”