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Onlookers..Suspected Lu Wenjun’s wife complained: Three years of hugging two, 10 years of wholeheartedly in exchange for unloading and killing donkeys

Suspected Shanghai Seaport player Lu Wenjun’s wife’s Weibo account "Xu Xiaoxiao Wenwen" posted a post saying "
Three years of hugging two, 10 years of wholehearted exchange, is to unload the grind and kill the donkey."

Weibo original text:

What an ironic life, housewives are the most worthless, holding two for three years, and all they get in exchange for 10 years is to kill the donkey.
What is the reason?
The answer is that the temper is too bad to bear, and I don’t love you anymore.
It’s so easy and so simple…

What is cold violence, that is one party against the other.
The kind with each other is called the Cold War.
Injuries are caused and suffered together, and I am no less than you.

For so many years, the colorful flags of Yingyingyanyan are fluttering, and there is still deep love and reluctance for the children and the family.

They clamored for a divorce, accused me of all kinds of grievances, and told me not to kidnap you with the child of the family.
Now I want to find happiness, find happiness and need freedom, and I hate it when I see it.
Men really lethal are teenagers.

Where are the children?
Do you want both?
You want to throw it to your parents, you are really filial.

And me, what is human nature, what is love, what is happiness, what is freedom