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Orlai: Scaroni may line up five defenders to intercept Mbappe DiMaria or make a comeback.

December 17, according to Argentina’s “Ole” reported that Qatar World Cup final, Argentina coach Scaloni may be five defenders to intercept Mbappe, in addition, DiMaria has recovered or will make a comeback.
After beating Croatia, the Argentine team took a day off and the coaching staff did not organize any sports activities. On Thursday, the starters began a simple restorative exercise to lighten the burden on their bodies. On Friday, the whole team had technical and tactical training, and the coach decided to try a different lineup, from 5-3-2 at the beginning, then to 4-3-3, and finally to 4-4-2.
Scaroni is thinking about how to stop Mbappe, he is well aware of the French star’s impact, so he wants to improve the defensive robustness of the team. As a result, Scaroni arranged the formation of five defenders in the training session, which were Molina, C-Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez and Acuna.
In addition, Di Maria has recovered 100% and he is no longer suffering from muscle injuries. Therefore, does not rule out Scaloni to change the formation, reduce a defender, discharge 4-3-3.
The following is the Argentina final lineup predicted by the Ole newspaper:
5-3-2: Martinez; Molina, C-Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro-Martinez, Acuna; DePaul, Enzo Fernandez, McAllister; Messi and Alvarez.
4-3-3: Martinez; Montiel, C-Romero, Otamendi, Acuna; DePaul, Enzo Fernandez, McAllister; Messi, Alvarez and DiMaria.
4-4-2: Martinez; Montiel, C-Romero, Otamendi, Acuna; DePaul, Enzo Fernandez, McAllister, Paredes; Messi and Alvarez.
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