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Ornstein: Manchester United is about to complete the sale and wants to bring in Felix on loan.

The Athletic celebrity David Ornstein said on NBC today that the Glazer family aims to sell Manchester United completely in the first quarter of 2023 and that they will not spend money on people in the winter window, but are more likely to be strengthened by loan.
Ornstein said: “I don’t think Manchester United will have much budget to spend in January. I know it will disappoint the fans, but the most likely result will be strengthened by a loan signing.” Interestingly, Manchester United are interested in Gakpo and they almost signed him this summer. Teng Hach likes him, but Manchester United will focus on bringing in a centre-forward in January and they see him more as a winger. ”
“as a result, Manchester United are also keeping an eye on players like Felix, looking for loan opportunities and the team has other potential options, but we need to keep in mind that the goal of the Glazer family is to sell Manchester United completely in the first quarter of 2023. So they are not willing to spend a lot of money on people in January.”
“I think Manchester United are always more inclined to trade in the summer window, and I think Tenhaher is really satisfied with his squad, but as he said at the end of the last game, he is happy to strengthen the attack. The only name I have heard so far is Felix, but it is only possible to make this deal if the loan price comes down. ”
“so this is an interesting situation and we have to keep an eye on the Manchester United deal because it may be completed soon and it could be an earthquake moment in the history of Manchester United. Many Manchester United fans have asked for a change at the top, and now there are a lot of changes taking place at the club both on and off the pitch, but now the change may go to the highest level. ”
“if all goes well, it will be expected who will take over Manchester United in the next few months. Teng Hach has done a good job in the changes on the field, but what about off-court? This is perhaps the most compelling question. ”
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