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Pallor: Not many players can enter our undefeated team, but I think Saka can

January 4th In a program, the Arsenal legend Ray-
Parlor said that Saka could be included in Arsenal’s undefeated team that won the title that year.

Parlor puts it this way: "When it comes to players who can go into that ‘undefeated team’, you definitely have to look at Xhaka. Thomas and Xhaka are both good, but I played with Gilberto –
Silva, he is an underrated player."

"Henry and Bergkamp are undisputed up front. There won’t be many players in our team, but I think Saka can, he’s done well this season."

"It would be very competitive to use this Arsenal to push the team I was playing for at the time."

(Ma Dongyu)