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Panucci: whether Milan can compete with Tottenham in the Champions League or win Serie A depends on Naples themselves.

In an interview with reporters on December 25, Italian star Panucci talked about Milan’s match against Tottenham in the Champions League and the Serie A title struggle this season.
Panucci said: “Milan did better in Europe than last season.” They qualified in the group this season, the result against Tottenham is open, Tottenham is difficult to deal with, Conti will lead the team to be ready, and Milan can compete with Tottenham. But we all know that the knockout stages of the Champions League are always difficult. ”
“as for the Serie A title situation, it all depends on the performance of Napoli. If Naples really slow down, then the rest of the team will still have a chance to make a comeback. But if Napoli can stay like this, then I don’t think any team can surpass them. Other teams can only compete for second place. But Milan have done well this season. ”
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