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Pedri: Messi deserves to win the World Cup champion de Jong can become a replacement for Busquets

On December 24, Barcelona midfielder Pedry accepted an exclusive interview with Cartel Radio, during which he talked about Barcelona and teammate Frankie de Jong and other topics.
The end of the World Cup
“it’s not the result we want, but it’s over and it’s time to focus on Barcelona and adjust ourselves to the Barcelona model.”
— Enrique
“Enrique always helps me, he is a coach who knows how to teach good methods. He built an excellent team, I think in Ben
He deserves more in the World Cup. It’s a pity. Now it is de la Fuente who is in charge. ”
— worked with the U21 national team
“Yes, and the Tokyo Olympic Games, we each played a good role, even though we only won a silver medal in the end. In any case, we look forward to achieving more good results with him in the future. ”
— Macy
“I always say that if we don’t have a chance to win the World Cup, let Argentina and Lionel Messi win. He deserves the title. I think Lionel Messi is the best player I have ever seen. ”
Conde and Dembele lost the final
“I believe it is a heavy blow and we will encourage them when they return to the team. (Dembele? (I don’t know what he’s thinking right now, but I think he must be very sad. It is obvious that he is more professional than before. ”
— A tacit understanding with Garvey
“I have a good relationship with Garvey, we are always joking and we can understand each other on and off the pitch Garvey is a player with great potential and must enjoy his performance. (Garvey runs endlessly in the World Cup) that’s his style, he likes it, he fights for almost every ball, and he’s lucky to have him around. ”
— Pedri has become a veteran
“although many young people have been promoted, I don’t think I have become a veteran because there are players who know more about command than I do, such as Busquets and Alba. I still have a long way to go to become a veteran, but yes, I really want to help young players like Canada and Bard. ”
Do you want Busquets to continue to play
“Yes, he is an important jigsaw puzzle. I like playing with him very much and it seems that people don’t care much about his work on the pitch, but when he is away, our feeling is very obvious. I wish he could stay longer. ”
Can anyone on the team replace Busquets
“I don’t know, it’s not up to me, the manager will think and talk to him. Busquets chose an excellent position on the pitch and he rarely conceded the ball. ”
Can de Jong replace Busquets?
“de Jong is full of talent and we have seen what he did in that position when he represented the Netherlands and he did a good job. I believe he can be a good substitute. ”
Barcelona’s goal is to win La Liga.
“Yes, we are in the first place and I hope to maintain the current spirit and pace.”
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