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Pioli: after leading Milan to win the Serie A title last season, Zhang Kangyang also congratulated me.

In an interview with reporters on December 30, Milan coach Pioli talked about the topic of Inzaghi and Zhang Kangyang.
Pioli said: “sometimes I will pay attention to Inzaghi’s training style, he will also pay attention to my training style, we have always worked closely with our respective coaching staff.” We have met as opponents many times, but we have a good relationship and respect each other. He always treats people politely and respects others. He deserves all his achievements. I would like to congratulate him. ”
“after leading Milan to the title last season, Inter President Zhang Kangyang also congratulated me. Indeed, he has always done the right thing. He sent me a congratulatory text message saying, ‘Congratulations to you, coach, you deserve it.’ ”
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