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Porter: Haverts can bring diversity to the game. Players are in good condition after returning from the World Cup

January 1st, Chelsea will face Nottingham Forest in the 18th round of the Premier League. In an interview before the game
Potter talked about Havertz.
Porter said: "Haverts is only 23 years old. After a good time in Germany, he came here. Don’t forget that he is still a very young player."
What to do with it, the expectations are high, but he’s still a young player, good quality, learning in the game. I think as a No. 9, he brings variety to the game
And the degree of freedom, he can retreat, he can create a threat to the opponent’s defense, and he can also score goals, so I like him in that position." "Through this period of getting along, we need to adapt to some things.
We can have a clearer understanding of the problem, but sometimes it is not possible. The level of players must be considered from many aspects, they can play many positions, Haverts is like this." "For the selection of the team lineup I am
Based on the daily training situation, Havertz is a player of the German national team and can score goals. You can look at his goals in the national team. It is very good. Whenever he plays there, he can score goals and also
I can make my own contribution to the team." Regarding the impact of the World Cup on players, Porter said: "You will be a little worried about the return of these players who participated in the World Cup. It is very disappointing to be eliminated.
Erva, who has high expectations as Brazil captain, especially at his age, is unlikely to be in the next World Cup, and England’s lads are disappointed that they didn’t qualify." "But I must say they
Come back from the World Cup in great spirits and positive attitude, they’re good and professional. They’ve come back from sunny Qatar to cold Cobham training ground and they’ve handled everything well, they’ve been great, so no need
Worried." (vivian)