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Portuguese media: Enzo’s violation of the coach’s request caused unhappiness, and disciplinary issues may make Chelsea lose interest

January 2 Today, many Portuguese media reported that Enzo left the team privately and returned to Argentina for the New Year’s Eve
Benfica coach Roger Schmidt has said that the players need to rest, but everyone must abide by the rules, according to the "Record".
And when Enzo left the team privately to celebrate the New Year, the head of Benfica was not happy about it.
The team will resume training today, and Benfica is also waiting for Enzo to return to the team to report to avoid more serious consequences.
According to a report by another Portuguese media "Ball", the disciplinary problems caused by the young Argentine midfielder may make Chelsea lose interest.
According to previous news, Chelsea is close to the winter window to sign Enzo at a price of about 130 million euros, and the player’s salary will double.
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Portuguese media: Benfica was surprised by Enzo’s private return to Argentina to celebrate New Year’s Eve