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Postal: Lopetegui and Premier League referee company manager Webber discussed the controversial penalty for 90 minutes

January 13 According to the “Daily Mail” report, Wolves coach Lopetegui
Discussed the controversial penalties encountered by the team in the past two games with Webber, the manager of the Premier League referee company, at the Wolves training base.

VAR erroneously upheld the linesman’s decision after Todi Gomez’s late winner was ruled offside in Wolves’ FA Cup third-round tie against Liverpool.
Then in the League Cup match against Nottingham Forest, Nunes was brought down in the penalty area, and the referee did not make a judgment on the controversy.
Webber was supposed to hold talks with all the managers this week, but a meeting with the Wolves boss has been brought forward because of the controversy.
The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and was relatively positive, with Lopetegui explaining the details of what he believed to be an unfair penalty for the team.

After being knocked out on penalties by Nottingham Forest, Lopetegui said: “Nunez was obviously a penalty, but the referee is the only one who can make a decision, so we have to accept it. If you watch the replay, you
Can’t think of anything else. It’s a shame for us that VAR didn’t work.”