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Postal Some players do not fully agree with Porter’s approach, but the latter has high-level support

January 10 According to the "Daily Mail" report, the Chelsea boss still believes in the team coach Porter
Is the right man to lead their long-term project and is ready to further improve the team with the loan of Felix from Atletico Madrid.
Despite some players behind the scenes not fully embracing Porter’s methods and Chelsea’s results slipping, Porter still has the unwavering support of the club’s top brass.

Porter, who succeeded Tuchel as Chelsea manager as the season progressed, was seen as fitting in with the team’s short- and long-term plans, as evidenced by the five-year contract he was awarded upon appointment.
Burleigh and his partners accept that the club is slowly rebuilding.

Chelsea have lost six of their last nine games in all competitions, are 10th in the Premier League and are out of both the FA Cup and League Cup.
But Chelsea’s senior management know that injuries have affected the team. In the 4-0 loss to Manchester City, Chelsea’s first team has 10 players missing due to injury.

(Ma Dongyu)