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President of the French Football Association: just played two great games, beating England and Morocco

December 15-in a World Cup semi-final that ended early this morning Beijing time, France beat Morocco 2-0 and successfully advanced to the final. After the match, the president of the French Football Association, Le Graye, said he was proud of the team’s performance, saying they had just played two great games, one against England and the other against Morocco.
Legraet said: “I am very proud of this team and they have achieved great results.” I would like to share this wonderful moment with all those who love football. Many people feel very happy at the moment. We had some trouble in this game and the game was very fierce. We just played two great games and beat England in addition to today’s game. ”
Referring to the possibility of the team successfully defending the title, Le Graye said: “Yes, we have the possibility to defend the title, let’s wait until Sunday.”